RAGE Thormbones at the Lilypad
From $ 10
20:30 to 22:00

Trombonist Matt Barbier will perform ‘a silhouette of constrained motion, I’ at the Lilypad in my old stomping grounds, Cambridge, MA!

The complete program (in which he will be joined by Weston Olencki to make up the face-melting duo RAGE Thormbones) features:

Katherine Young – Puddles and Crumbs [2014-15]
Timothy McCormack – HEAVY MATTER [2012] (Matt)
Evan Johnson – a general interrupter to ongoing activity [2011]
Nicholas Deyoe – facesplitter [2011/14]
Timothy McCormack – HEAVY MATTER round 2 [2012] (Weston)
Tina Tallon – a silhouette of constrained motion [2015]
Kurt Isaacson – captive species [2015]

For tickets and more info, check out the Facebook event here.