site-specific interactive sound, light, and video installation
premiere installation at the American Academy in Rome‘s Winter 2022 Open Studios, designed in collaboration with particle physicist and filmmaker James Beacham

A collaboration between sound artist Tina Tallon and particle physicist and filmmaker James Beacham, Subsumption, No. 1 is a site-specific interactive sound, light, and video installation which examines different registers in which we engage with hidden physical, psychological, and social structures and the emergent behaviors that result from these interactions. The viewer is complicit in the construction of their experience, unique to each participant, subject to rules not fully legible—and perhaps unknowable—but inescapable. The viewer’s movements through the cryptoporticus mold field recordings, images, and data from the Large Hadron Collider at CERN into new visual and sonic patterns, questioning the biases that lead us to classify stimuli as noise or signal in an effort to elucidate the underlying structures that give rise to our experiences of space and time. Subsumption, No. 1 asks what we owe ourselves – and more importantly, what we owe each other – in protecting spaces of potentiality for all of the stories that have yet to be told, both on human and cosmic timescales. Ultimately, it asks us to consider our roles in constructing and maintaining unjust hegemonies, and to imagine what alternatives may exist if only we refuse to accept the status quo and insist upon continuing to search.


01.27.2022 // American Academy in Rome Winter 2022 Open Studios – Rome, Italy (world premiere)