Below is a submission form where people can anonymously submit links to files to be used as source materials for the electronic component of my upcoming piece for orchestra and live electronics, luscinia. These files could take any form - a sound file (spoken, sung, played, synthesized), text, an image - anything that you feel is appropriate. This form includes a box you can check if you'd prefer that your file only be used in the case that it is either processed beyond recognition (specifically, I will ensure that no one would be able to identify your voice) or used only for parametrization and/or feature extraction. I take both privacy and attribution incredibly seriously, and I want to make sure that everyone's work is being used and credited in a manner that makes them comfortable and honors their experience. There's an optional field in which you can enter your name if you would like to be attributed in the program notes (this could also take the form of a pseudonym if you'd like - just please don't enter someone else's name), and another optional field for anything else you'd like me to know about your submission.

Thank you for your time.